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Farmers market

Not much happens in our town. Which is a good thing.

So when weather gets warmer and farmers market starts every Thursday, we are all there! True, we are talking about less then 20 stands of local produce and crafts, but to us it is a pretty happening place.

I met my neighbor there last week. We perused for a bit, but most of our favorite vendors were not there. Frankly there was nothing we needed. She headed home and Little J and I decided to walk around one more time.

He asked me for a hod dog. I told him I have $5 on me. I handed him the money and said he can spend it any way he wants.

We walked over to the food stand, but they did not have hot dogs. Left with five dollars he wanted to look around.

So we walked.

First stop KettleCorn.

Little J: How much is it mommy?

Me: $3 for a small bag, $5 for a big bag.

Little J: I think small is enough. What do you think?

Me: Yep. Small will do.

He waited in line, walked up, ordered his popcorn and paid.

Little J: I still have two dollars left. Let’s walk around again.

I teased him if he wanted to buy some carrots.

Little J: No mommy, we grow those at home. I am thinking about a cookie.

He walks up to a lady at the cookie stand.

Little J: One chocolate chip cookie please.

Cookie lady: Sure. One dollar please.

Little J: Do you have any healthy ones? With nuts?

Cookie lady: How about this one. Oat meal with walnuts.

Little J: Is it one dollar too?

Cookie lady: Yes, all cookies are a dollar.

Little J: Here you go. That one is for my mommy.

My son spend his last dollar on me. And it was delicious.


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