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This is it

I have decided to finally go on a diet.

Since I started blogging I have grown a few jeans sizes. And now that I have actually outgrown all my jeans I am forced to do something about it. Because nothing tastes as good as thin feels. Because I owe it to my son to be healthy. Because all my clothes is too darn cute not to be able to wear again. Because I want to be pretty and attractive again. Because I want to be able to zip up my riding boots. And wear my fancy ring. And run without being out of breath. I want to look like my old self. I want to feel like my old self. I OWE it to myself.

I have my 90 day food plan. I pumped the tires on my bike. I will eat well and exercise and believe. I can do this!

It has been an hour since I started this 90 day diet and I am ready to sell my kidney for a latte and a scone. Wish me luck.

PS: I can think of at least 134571 things that taste better then skinny feels.




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Joining Bianca cause I quoted an unknown author ( probably too afraid to admit to saying thin is better then chocolate) and Stacey, since this is hour one of my diet.

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