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Monday Listicles

Hi there!

How has your week been? Were you busy or still recovering from the huge Mother’s day week long celebrations? Yes, I think we should be dancing and eating chocolate all week long. But you know me. I don’t really need a reason to celebrate. I did love reading your lists! They were fun and funny and thought provoking and all kinds of fabulous. Keep them coming!

For this week my one and only man chose the topic for us: 10 THINGS HUSBANDS SHOULD DO. I think he was banking on the fact that he mows and takes the bins to the curb so I will declare him Superman on my blog. So here goes: My husband is super human.

Come back next week and join me in listing 10 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOUR HOME.

For now let’s write things down for husbands.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!




1. Husbands should worry less about making sure family is happy and spend more time being happy with the family.

2. Husbands should never snore again.

3. Husbands should never ever question another shoe (or in my case gadget) purchase.

4. Husbands should believe us when we say they are hot. We have no reason to lie.

5. Husbands should finally learn that placing the plate on top of the dishwasher does not clean it.

6. Husbands should have their me time too. Preferably on Saturday night so we can write Listicles in peace.

7. Husbands should laugh more and frown less.

8. Husbands should stop spreading rumors that shrinking your wife’s favorite shirt will get you out of laundry doing.

9. Husbands should vacuum their wife’s car. Or give birth. I would let mine pick between the two.

10. Husbands should be loved. Beyond everything else.


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