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War and flowers

Driving to the farm today. Passing the statue downtown and the flags on the pole.

Little J: Mommy tell me again who those persons on the black flag are.

Me: It represents prisoners of war.

Little J: I forgot, why do bad guy take them?

Me: In war both sides capture soldiers so they can use them in negotiations.

Little J: What is negotions?

Me: Negotiations. It is when you have something and you make the other side do things you want them to in exchange for what you have. Like me offering you cookies for dessert if you eat your dinner.

Little J: I see. So how do you negotiate with prisoners?

Me: They release our soldiers if we meet their demands. Like give them back a territory we are fighting for or return some of their soldiers.

Little J: Why do people fight in war?

Me: Because they cannot agree on things. Like who should be in charge or who does the land belong to.

Little J: Why do we fight about land? There is so much of it.

Me: There is usually something special about that land. It might be rich with oil or coal. Or things grow on it.

Little J: Like carrots? Or berries? Maybe blueberries or raspberries or blackberries? Or maybe daisies?

Me: I don’t think there has been a war about daisies yet son. But I think it is silly to fight, no matter what the reason.

Little J: Why do people fight?

Me: Because they don’t agree about something. Just like you and I don’t, lots of times. But unlike us, they cannot let go and fight for so long they start wars.

Little J: That’s silly. I really think they should change. Will people change?

Me: Not sure. I hope so. But it takes time. Maybe some day, maybe never. That’s life.

Little J: I thought life is a highway?

And just like that my boy made me laugh to tears.
I hope all you grown ups out there are listening and stop fighting about daisies.

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