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Monday Listicles

Happy Mother’s day to our moms. To us. And to the special women in your lives.

Last week Stacey from Mothering Moments shared with me her wonderful new link up called An hour in a day. It was so much fun reading about what you do in an hour of your life. Thank you for letting us peek into your typical day. And thank you Stacey for being a great bloggy friend and our inspiration.

I kind of called for a list of 10 things you wish you could delete this week because I was too afraid to be labeled corny. But I will do a list of ten Mother style myself. Please feel free to join me with any list you wrote. I cannot wait to read them.

For next week to thank my lovely husband for a wonderful Mother’s day surprises I am letting him choose a topic. He says to come back with a list of TEN THINGS HUSBANDS SHOULD DO. Clearly he forgot that I get to make a list too…

On with the show. List of ten things Motherhood gave me (which no one can delete).

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!




1. Unconditional love.

2. Patience beyond reason.

3. Someone to call my own forever.

4. Someone to blame my weight on forever.

5. Someone to blame my husband for forever.

6. Someone to teach silly things no one else wants to know.

7. Endless blog fodder.

8. Endless photo opportunities.

9. The best snuggles ever.

10. My favorite role in life ever-being a mother.

J and I

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