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Monday Listicles

Welcome back to the first listicle fantasticle in May!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, Cinco de Mayo and the super moon. Not forgetting Seattle Sounders winning against LA Galaxy this week. And the amazing listicles you all wrote on why you rock and how to live it up without limits. Thank you Mommy Padawan for a great topic. I bet your home team scored those two goals just for you!

So this week we are going to write a list about an hour in your day. This is inspired by Stacey from Mothering Moments and her wonderful new link up called An hour in a day. We are all invited to join her with the same post and link it HERE too. Consider this a twofer. How is that for a great way to start your week?

Before you all run off. Next week’s topic is 10 THINGS YOU WISH YOU COULD DELETE. But since it is a day after Mother’s day, feel free to submit a list to celebrate your mom. I would advise you against combining the two though…

And now, tell me about an hour in your day.
Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



10 things between 10:30 and 11:30 AM on school days

1. I declare it is time to get ready for school
2. I must remind my son of the sequence of getting ready.
3. I must repeat the sequence even though it is the same every day and it only consist of 3 things to do.
4. I send him upstairs.
5. I find him upstairs reading a book 10 minutes later.
6. I declare we are going to be late.
7. I am requested to repeat what he is suppose to do because he forgot.
8. I give in and help him get dressed because I cannot face repeating that again.
9. I declare state of emergency and T minus 3 until departure.
10. I find him downstairs reading a book.

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