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Before anything and everything

I remember as a kid bugging my grandpa to no end: what was there before the Earth? Before the solar system? Before the gasses? Before…

I think my endless quest to find out about the moon and the stars and milky way too largely caused his hypertension. He finally caved in and let me use his 12 shiny, leather bound Encyclopedia books that were limited editions printed specially for his work. I loved how they looked and smelled. How heavy they were and how I could find everything I ever wanted to know about.

My son is not even four and a half. I really don’t know much about kids and milestones. But I sure am not prepared for the what was there before there was anything talk. Mostly because I got so distracted by all the information in the Encyclopedia I forgot to ever look up the definite answer.

Anyhow the kid is volcano mad. He watches a documentary every chance he gets. Which is really defeating the whole purpose of TV. Many women have said that they have come to terms with TV watching kids because it is in fact educational. I am calling it right here, right now. Bull! We plonk our kids in front of the tube so we can take a shower, have a cup of coffee while it is still warm and catch up on social media. So if my son is watching a documentary about underwater volcanos none of these happen. Because every two minutes he shouts over his shoulder: mommy, why does lava cool off when it touches the water? mommy, why is our gas in the house not making our stove erupt? mommy why can we not breath through ash? Mommy…

You get the picture. The worst part? I really don’t know most of these things! Have I forgotten? I must have known at some point in my life or I would not have graduated, right? And so I spend my time online googling volcano facts.

But this morning, out of the blue he asked me why people were not extinct if they die. Followed by where we all came from and the inevitable tracing all the way back to gasses and explosions and what was there before there was anything?

I am still recovering. I just wanted to write this to say sorry to my grandpa. You were everything to me and I know that as much as you wanted me to succeed, learn and be the best I can be, sometimes you just wanted to do your cross puzzle in peace and quiet. I miss you so much. And I wish you could be here to take over sometimes and teach Little J how to read those Encyclopedias. Fast!

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