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Inside Big M’s head

This post is inspired by
Mama’s Losin’ It

4.) List 7 things your pet thought about today.

I love my dog. I think my dog is a superhero. No doubt he is sweet, kind and very handsome; yet humble.

I am a reasonable person too. Dogs mostly think of food and sleep and cocking up higher then the mutt next door. My dog gets fed a meal cooked for him specially every night. He naps approximately 13 hours a day and sleeps like a log the rest. Being higher then all other dogs in the neighborhood and quite possibly the entire State of Washington he has no trouble outpeeing everyone else.

Which frees up a lot of his brain capacity and therefor makes him a genius canine.

Today he was by mistake left in the house while Husband and I went to play a round of golf. This never ever happens so I believe this is what my dog thought:

1. I cannot believe Dad left me inside the house. Honestly, I weight 165 pounds!! How could he miss me?!

2. Check for survival basics: water-one bowl, plus three toilets. Kid forgot to flush his, make that two toilets. Heat is on. 68 degrees divided by 5.2 gallons. That gives me 7 hours before I overheat. I must not consume more then 1.7 gallon an hour. OMG!!!

3. The alarm is on. Let me check: good, it’s windows and doors only. I can move.

4. Well since I am home all alone, might as well put on a movie. I think a documentary about how dogs are superior to humans is in order.

5. Maybe a beer.

6. And some cold cuts.

7. Please don’t let me have to go pee, please don’t let me have to go pee, please don’t let me …


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