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Monday Listicles

Spring is here.

I can tell because everything is blooming and people seem cheerful. Also because I am scrambling to write this in time after a weekend spent in the back yard, planting. Followed by evenings spent panicking about having to wear short sleeves soon. But I will worry about this later.

First there is a small matter of Listicles. Last time we talked road and you came up with some amazing lists. I enjoyed reading them all and can’t wait to see what kind of silly celebrity comparisons you come up with this week.

Before all that I need to tell you something truly shocking. While reading Deborah’s list last week I realized we have never done a list of 10 books! Outrageous, no? So to restore balance in universe and blogoland, next week we are doing A LIST OF 10 BOOKS. Feel free to put your spin on it.

And now, insipred by trashy magazines:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!


10 reasons celebrities are just like us

1. They wake up every morning.

Then they probably get it on with their celebrity lover. How they do that without peeing of brushing teeth first is beyond me.

2. They have breakfast.

Except they drink their coffee while it is still hot.

3. They go to work.

Singing, dancing, acting, or just playing themselves in a reality show must be very hard work. I never tried it, so I cannot tell.

4. They go to Starbucks

They go in, order and walk out with their beverage. But I doubt they feel as guilty as I do for spending $4.25.

5. They shop.

Probably more like Rodeo Dr and less Gap outlet on sale.

6. They drive cars

But they don’t have superfly minivans like me.

7. They fall in love and get married

Except they can afford a divorce when the going get’s tough and give up too soon.

8. They tweet and post photos on Instagram

Only they are not near as funny or talented as the bloggers I follow.

9. They grow old

But they don’t have the joy or doing it naturally.

10. Their feet sweat too.

I look just like that ( in my mind) when I get my latte. Image source

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