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The Grind

At the Starbucks, today:

Me, holding a bag of whole bean coffee.

Young barista, with a big smile on his face.

Me: Hi, could you please *blink* *blink*…

Barista: You want to get this coffee?

Me: Yes and could you please…

Barista: Yes?

Me: I am sorry, I cannot remember the word for it. You know, that thing you do so I can have coffee.

Barista: You mean brew?

Me: No, between brewing and this bag, you know, you have to do it. There is a word for it but I am drawing a blank.

Barista: You want to pay for it?

Me: Yes, off course. But before I take it home you must do something with your machine that will help me use it. It’s not roast, but similar.

Barista: This coffee is already roasted.

Me: I know, I know. Freshly roasted. And packed. Says so on the bag. But then you open that cupboard and you put the beans in and voil√†…

Barista: Are you French?

Me: No, I was born in Slovenia.

Barista: How long are you visiting Washington?

Me: I am not visiting. I live here. I am just old and cannot remember the word, OK?

Barista: Well that will be $15.98.

Me: OK. But before I go, can you turn these beans into powder so I can use it in my espresso machine. Please??????

Barista: Sure, I would be happy to grind them for you.

Me, thinking: GRIND!!! TristokosmatihzajebanihGRINDdatejebem!!

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