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Monday Listicles

If you are feeling a little guilty about a lot of stuff, you are in the right place.

Because this time on Listicles we are confessing our guilty pleasures. Miss Marina Star called it last week and my first thought was chocolate. I think there is chocolate for any occasion. Like waking up, or smiling or nagging. In fact the likelihood of me simply listing 10 chocolate items I consumed in the past 24 hours is unreasonably high. The only trouble is I do not feel guilty about eating it one bit. So I asked my husband to make a list.Thank you Marina for getting him a free pass from mowing this weekend.

Before you run off a big shout out to Terri for choosing a smashing topic last week. I expected many odes to smartphone, but I was pleasantly surprised how many of you remembered to thank the garbage collectors. Right on!

Next week: ON THE ROAD. Ten things that come to mind regarding road. Where it takes you, where you want to go, what ticks you off, why you spend so much time on it… Free styling baby, vent or dream. Or both. Can’t wait to go on the road with you!

I know you are all eager to see what makes my man’s heart skip a beat. Here goes.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



10 Devine pleasures from a man’s point of view

1. Grabbing the wife’s lovely bum.

2. Listening to my son explain something that he has learned.

3. The 1st hot cup of tea in the morning when the house is still silent… Just me, my thoughts and the cup of tea.

4. My morning constitutional.

5. Blasting my favorite songs over the stereo way too loud as soon as I get the house to myself.

6. A glass of red wine.

7. Red meat.

8. A cigar… My smoking parameters are a bit strict as a cigar can only be enjoyed outside when the weather is perfect (this is a rarity as the Pacific Northwest weather routinely consists of wind and rain).

9. A tumbler of my favorite scotch whiskey with the cigar.

10. The feeling of accomplishment after a workout.

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