Monday Listicles

Welcome back to the one and only link up that keeps being mistaken with balls.

Big thank you to everyone who shared a list of their top ten books last week. I have bookmarked most of them and compiled a long list that I plan on borrowing from the library in the next few months. OK, let’s be real. Next few years…

I am so excited about this week. Mommy Padawan gave us an option of writing a LIST ABOUT THINGS WE ARE GOOD AT or THINGS WE WOULD DO IN 48 HOURS WITH UNLIMITED MONEY AND NO RESPONSIBILITIES. My husband came up with the most elaborate list including space travel and private Oasis concert. If I had 48 hours to myself I would take a long shower and garden in peace and quiet. So I chose to do a list of ten things I am good at. My first one was a sarcastic one including spending money and eating chocolate. But I decided to give myself a pat on the back and write why I am a pretty cool chick. I encourage you to do the same, we sure don’t do it often enough! Thank you Anna for making me proud of the good I can do in life!

Next weeks topic is inspired by Stacey from Mothering Moments and her wonderful new link up called An hour in a day. So we ask of you to make a list of Ten things that happen in an hour of your life. You are welcome to join her link up with the same list. It is like buy one, get two chocolate cakes. Isn’t life great?

OK, let’s play:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!




1. I am good at being good. Even as a child I was obedient. I never stray from course. I follow directions well and I have no vices that would require interventions.

2. I am good at most things. Not great at many, but most sports I did or hobbies I had I was OK. That makes me good at being average.

3. I am good at taking pictures. I understand art is subjective so people either like it or not. But I know I am technically sound. I also know that no matter if I take a photo with my phone, $2 disposable camera or my fancy work cameras, the photo turns out good. So I am confident it is me, not my gear.

4. Making friends. I was always comfortable around people and I have no trouble striking a friendship.

5. I am good at languages. I speak 4 fluently and can understand a few more. It was always very easy for me to pick up a foreign language.

6. I am good at being idle. I have never needed much to be happy. I do not get antsy if there is no fun stuff happening and you will never see me filling up my calendar with events to make my life richer. I can sit down and just be.

7. I am good at anticipating. I think that was my strongest quality back at work. Even now I make things happen for my family before they ask for it.

8. I am good at being on my own. Perhaps an only child thing, but I can be alone for days and happy. I cannot recall a single moment in my life I have felt lonely or bored.

9. I am strong. There have been many challenges in my younger years and there have been some in recent years that would crush the spirit of many. For most part I deal with them graciously and never burden anyone else with my problems.

10. I am good at making list. But you already knew that ūüôā

Scavenger Hunt

Last week Ashley, the hostess of the Scavenger Hunt Sunday lost her beloved Grandmother. So hunt is postponed until next Sunday.

In the mean time here are some photos I took of on Thursday.

Let us call them Purple Rain.

Alison’s baby bash

Welcome to the one of a kind, super duper fabulous online baby shower.

We are gathered here, dear bloggers, friends and all around great people, to celebrate soon to arrive new baby boy of the one and only Alison from Mama wants this.

Reason is simple really. We all adore Alison. If we could drop everything and hop on the plane right now to see her, spend the afternoon in Malaysia throwing her a cupcake eating, gossip talking and tea sipping baby shower, we would. But there are not enough daily flights to Kuala Lumpur to take us all there, so we are doing this bloggy style ( not to be confused with…never mind).

This party is so monumental it is happening in three time zones. Ado The Momalog is hosting a LINK YOUR FAVORITE BABY PHOTO AND QUOTE bit of the party. Erica, the creator and curator of Yeah Write is hosting the GUESS THE BABY SCRUMPLET’S BIRTH DATE, WEIGHT AND LENGHT bit of the party. And right here we are pinning something or somebody down for Alison and Scrumplet.
Seeing how PINTEREST is the theme on my blog, let me start by sharing my find for Alison.

This is my gift to you dear friend. You have been my longest bloggy buddy, my first guest list maker and an all around modern pen pal. I know you are Pinterest mad and we have created a board for you which I will fill up with every pin that is linked to this party. I will then post it for you on Friday to see.

The little pin I know will come in handy with the new baby is:


A simple and candid photo idea you can even take with your phone after the scrumplet is born. I know posed baby photography is becoming very popular but I think simple moments caught are the ones with real impact.
Your turn: find something you wish to gift to Alison and add it in your post. Add this cute button

and link it below. I will make sure Alison hears about her gift. Promise.

You can also post a photo of you as a baby or one of your babies, then add a little quote like this:

that links to Ado.
And if you place your guess on Scrumplet like this:

Arrival date May 2nd 2012 . Weight 3.74 kg and Lenght 51cm.
Possibly the cutest baby ever born on the right side of Planet Earth.

you enter your odds at Erica’s too!
Now that my friends is how it is done.
Happy Birth Day little Scrumplet, we cannot wait to ‘meet’ you!
Very official rules: All are invited. It helps if you know Alison, but it is never too late to become her fan. You may join all three, two or just one of us in this celebration. No hard feelings if you skip pinning and go straight to guessing weight. Oh and play nice and check other bloggers gifts. It’s karmically correct and how things are done at posh baby showers anyway. You may follow the Alison’s baby bash board on Pinterest too. For those of you not on Pinterest, please add an image of your find to the post and I will pin it for you.