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Free to be you and me again

Joining Alison and Ado celebrating their first year blogoversary.

Blog Bash

I published this post on 8th of April 2011. I am by no means a talented writer but I have my own style and this is it. Breaking news: Since then one of us has claimed a love for kale. And it was not me. Sometimes I wonder what this family of mine is turning into…

Free to be you and me

Our house is a great place to be whoever you want to be.

Some of us are liberal and others conservative. All of us believe in democracy, one of us wishes we didn’t. We all get a vote. One chooses not to participate at all, one of us exercises his right only in issues pertaining to him. Two of us still end up being outvoted most of the time.

Two of us ride horses, one of us pretends to be a horse. Three of us love the outdoors, one of us likes video games, two of us like television. One of us always smells like a wet dog. Two of us complain about the wet dog. One of us always cleans after the wet dog.

One of us likes wine, two of us like vegetables, three of us love chocolate, all of us like meat. Two of us like to bake, one of us likes to cook and all of us love to eat. None of us like kale, but three of us have to eat it. All of us are always finding dog hair in our meals, including visitors. Some of us hope we find it in kale.

One of us still naps all day, all of us like to sleep, one of us goes to bed late every night, one of us wishes he could too.  Three of us snore. One of us listens to the other three snoring. One of us sleeps outside. One of us sleeps in the wrong bed. Two of us ignore it.

Three of us love to fly, one of us used to have to, one of us still does. One of us is hoping never to go on a plane again. One of us used to be in first class, one of us traveled business class, three of us now sit in coach. One of us had to settle for cargo hold.

One of us has lots of toys, one of us buys them, one of us pays for them. All of us like to play with them. One of us is not allowed to. Two of us have been caught chewing on them. Some of us care about that more then others.

All of us like the back yard. Two of us like to garden. One of us hates the yard work. One of us thinks it’s a toilet.

Three of us like to be in control. Two of us should be. One of us always is.

All of us are happy. One of us writes about it.

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