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Monday Listicles

Happy International Women’s day week!

I mentioned last week 8th of March means a lot to me. Which is why I asked for the topic to be Ten things Woman. Naturally I wanted to share with you 10 women that inspired me, 10 reasons why I love being a woman, 10 famous women I want to invite for dinner, 10 women that changed the course of history… You get the idea. Turns out I am not very deep or inspiring. So I will give you ten reasons why women will always win in deathmatch against men. Yep, I suck at celebrating my womanhood. I do however look forward to reading your posts!

Before I do, big shout out to Jessica and Jessica for inspiring last week’s listicle topic.

My son has been having a cheeky week. Apparently being 4 is a real burden. To celebrate good old times, let us do a list of ten for my kiddo. To make him count his blessings. 10 REASONS BEING A KID ROCKS. Or feel free to ask your kids to give you a list of ten why it sucks…

Let us do a list of women, for women, about women.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!


10 reasons women will always win

1. We can nag any man to the grave

2. We can put on high heels

3. We can cry on demand

4. We can pretend it is well over our head

5. We can fake it with make up and spanx

6. We can annoy a man until he caves

7. We can multitask

8. We can just smile when the check comes

9. We have other women to lean on

10. We can make people

But dear men, fear not because:


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