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Marriage proposal

There are many things that before becoming a parent one would deem disgusting.

Like the other day, after hours spend on the beach, I ran out of tissue. I tried ignoring my son’s big green booger, trust me. Then Big M slobbered all over my jeans so I told Little J to wipe his nose in them too. He leaned against my leg and blew his nose really hard.
See: disgusting.

Then there are things that are morally so terrible that your hair will go up just thinking about it. Until your son says it and then it is the sweetest thing ever. Yes I am talking about marriage proposal.

Like the other day when my son and husband talked about rings at the dinner table. Which led to the explanation on why mommy is wearing one. Followed by a word of caution from the older and wiser father to his son that one day too, he will be buying rings and marrying a woman. To which my son answered that he is planning on marrying me when he grows up. Not sure if that was to save money since I already have a ring, but I am going with the cute thing.

Now if my aunt is reading this she is swooning all over this. If her 12 year old son is reading this he is thinking it is disgusting. See?

Fast forward to tonight and we are reading a kids dictionary, letter W. Among other entries: WIFE = a married woman.

Little J: Mommy will you be my wife when I grow up?

Me: No, remember I am married to Daddy.

Little J: Can you be married to Daddy and me?

Me: No, there is one woman and one man in the marriage. (unless you live further South)

Little J: Hmmm…

Me: You can choose one of your friends to marry. Like one of Ms. Amy’s girls. Maybe E?

Little J: She is too young. Maybe K. No, I think maybe A. Yes, I will marry her.

Me: She is nice. A bit older, but good choice.

Little J: She always shouts at me and wants me to chase her. I like her best.

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