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Monday Listicles

Do you remember how people used to talk about the game on Mondays?

Not anymore. It is all about Listicles now. This here my friends is history in the making. So welcome!

Thank you Rachel for choosing a fun topic last week. I wonder if we helped you make the decision on whether to attend high school reunion or not? Keep us posted Rachel!

Let us talk about the next listicle. Seeing how on the 8th of March we celebrate International Women’s day I am calling the topic. Growing up, this was a very important and celebrated holiday. I loved planning special surprises for my mom, grandma, aunts and teachers. It was a lovely day to thank women in our life. Funny how IWD was founded in America yet we don’t really observe it. As a child I looked forward to one day celebrating it with a family and co-workers of my own. So humor me and let us do a List about it. I was going to call it 10 ways to celebrate being a woman, but we have challenged Paul quite enough, so let us keep this simple. List of 10 things Women. Anything goes.

But first, inspired by Jessica is a list of ten things we are rubbish at.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!




1. Saying NO

I have a container full of LEGO blocks, an empty box of dog treats and no chocolate left to submit as evidence.

2. Asking for payment

As a small business owner that is a problem. Trust me.

3. Singing

Nature has a sense of humor. I have great memory. Most of the songs I like, I know the lyrics to. What a talent to waste on a dreadful singer like me.

These sea lions in San Francisco bay sound a lot like me.

4. Cooking

I once cooked a meal for my grandpa. He put it under the table so my old dog ( a terrier who thought carrion in the field was dessert) would save him from hurting my feelings. The dog backed away and hid behind the couch.

5. Climbing the pole

I have no future as a pole dancer. In school we had to climb the pole to complete the annual physical fitness test and I really struggled.

6. Pacing myself

I never stop at a piece of chocolate, scoop of ice cream or a cookie.

7.Double checking

If I ever wrote a comment on your blog you know I never read them before I hit publish. And my autocorrect has a great sense of humor.

8. Ordering at Starbucks

I practice as I drive there:
Tall Toffee Nut Latte with a bit of Carmel drizzle. I brought my own cup. Thank you.
Tall Toffee Nut Latte with a bit of Carmel drizzle. I brought my own cup. Thank you.
Tall Toffee Nut Latte with a bit of Carmel drizzle. I brought my own cup. Thank you.

I get there and :
Can I have a latte please. I brought my own cup. Can you ad some toffee nut syrup? How many pumps? I don’t know. Oh and can you put some carmel on top? No, not the syrup, that other thingy, whatchmacallit? Yes drizzle. Cream? Oh, OK. What size? Small. Oh and I brought my own cup. Yes that will be all. Wait, a cup of water too please, I really broke a sweat here…

9. Mucking out

With the amount of horse poo I shovel you would think I am a pro. My friend Nola keeps telling me it is all in the wrist. But I have never picked it all in one go. Yet.

10. Going through Car wash

I am like dumb and dumber in there. I always stop too soon or drive a bit beyond the sensors. And don’t even get me started with the dryer. It is my life long ambition to time driving through the dryer perfectly. I have divided my car into 10 second sections and counted out as I move through the machine and yet I always leave the car wash with a partially wet vehicle.

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