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What is your number

I am dreadful with numbers.

Math has never been my strong suit, but as I get older numbers and I struggle to get along even more.

In general the higher the number, the worse. The obvious would be age. And weight off course. Those two I always add, never loose.

Prices I would rather be on the low then high side too. Unless we are valuing something I already own. Then feel free to reverse that statement.

Credit report I believe higher is better too. In fact I treat myself to a free credit score every month just to equal out the universe for the extra five pounds I seem to gain.

Followers to my blog, now that I don’t mind being in the high numbers. The more, the merrier. Twitter followers and facebook likes too. And votes for the photography contest I entered my cute son’s face into. Yes, feel free to add some votes to that please.

I never had a lucky number either. I always liked 7, probably because it is slim and classy looking. I also look back on 127 fondly. It is the number that I told them to put on my ID in 2006 to represent my weight. I remember thinking I need to loose ten pounds to make that statement true. Needless to say I am still living a lie. And adding. Since I am bad at math, I can use that as an excuse.

My son on the other hand is a four kinda guy. It has always been his favorite number. He is four years old. He wants four pieces of everything, even broccoli. No more, no less. 4.

And you?

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