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Monday Listicles

“Hey, baby, nice listicles you’ve got there!”

Brandi said that to Laverne in a comment last week. See even more then the listicles itself I love reading the comments you leave for each other. I love that you visit everyone else’s blogs and that you are so very funny. I love Monday Listicles.

As you can tell, I am overusing the word love. Must be because this week we are talking about LOVE. To compliment the theme Jackie chose last week, PASSION. Thank you again Jackie, it was such joy to read about passions we share.

Guess the natural progression would be marriage and babies, but it is not up to me. It is Wendy’s turn to choose. She is expecting a lovely baby, so who knows…

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to find Wendy among the bellow linked blogs and see what she says next listicles will be about. In case you are not sure who Wendy is, she is twisted, domesticated and very funny. A devoted mom, wife, homeschooler and NorthWesterner. She is also currently on vacation!

But before you start writing next weeks edition, there is a small matter of love:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!

First 10 reasons I fell in love with my husband

1. The way he looked at me.

2. Because he is such a gentleman.

3. Because he cooked for me on our first date.

4. Because he let me snack on chocolate while he was cooking dinner.

5. Because he graciously lost a game of golf to me on our second date.

6. Because he followed me to the other side of the planet on our third date.

7. Because my family liked him.

8. Because he was crazy about me despite my family, lack of cooking and freezing temperatures I made him suffer.

9. Because he is very handsome.

10.Because he told me he loved me.

Turns out his cooking is still superior to his golfing. He is still handsome and let’s me snack while he cooks. My family is still crazy about him and when he travels to the other side of the planet he brings me back chocolates and trashy magazines. Above all he turned out to be a wonderful husband and father.

Happy lovers day Big J, you still make my knees weak!

When we met

Many light years ago, in a land far far away…

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