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Blue Horse

Hiking up the mountain on Sunday.

Me: So if you could choose any horse for yourself, what color would it be?

Little J: Blue.

Me: There are no blue horses.

Little J: You said any color.

Me: Any horse color.

Little J: Ah, now I get it. That’s boring. Can I choose a blue eighteen wheeler?

Me: Truck is not a horse.

Little J: No, it’s not. I like trucks. OK, brown.

Me: Like Vizon?

Little J: Yep. Why is he brown?

Me: Cause his parents passed it on to him.

Little J: You mean they chose it for him?

Me: No, I have brown eyes, so you have brown eyes.

Little J: Oh, now I get it. Mommy horse ate a lot of hay, then pooped it and baby horse came out brown. What should we feed my horse to get a blue one?

And that my friends is my first lesson about birds and bees.
Take your kid out for a walk, you never know what you might learn…

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