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Monday Listicles

Here comes Monday and with it lists.

If you are organized you wrote a few: shopping list, to do list, Valentine’s cards list… If you are like me you wrote a list Jackie suggested and had lots of ice cream. Which should probably be on top of my passions list. But more on that in a minute.

First and foremost thank you Bruna for the great idea last week. I really enjoyed making a soundtrack of my life and listening to all of yours. Pleasantly surprised Spice girls never made it into listicles-PHEW… For all you wondering, most featured were NKOTB and Dixie Chicks. Aren’t we cool?

This week is very special because we are celebrating the wonderful life of Marilyn. Jackie lost her friend after a brief illness and her legacy and love for life is the inspiration behind this weeks topic: Passion!

Next week judging by all the pink and red hearts the whole world is celebrating my wedding anniversary. Or it might be Valentine’s?! Either or, let us do a list of ten about love. Free styling is encouraged.

And now, show me what you are passionate about!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!

10 passions of mine


1. Happiness


2. Males

The obvious would be:

*my son ( do not come between a woman and her offspring)
*my husband (cause he is all that and then some)
*my grandfather ( for he raised me to be me)
*my dog ( cause he is my dream come true)
*my horse ( cause he is beautiful)

but there are also:

*my barista aka ‘handsome chap’( cause he makes the best latte. Why else?)
*polo players
and other random male species that I was passionate about at some point in my life…

3. Equality

Not the silly kind, with every kid getting a ribbon for showing up. The real thing, you know: where we all stand equal and give it our best. In the world with no prejudice, no double standards and opportunity for all.

4. Chocolate

The day I shared my stash with my son I knew how much I truly must love him.

5. Coffee

If you saw the sadness on my face when I get a bad latte, you would understand.

6. Visual Art

I used to plan my trips based on Mark Rothko’s exhibitions around the world. Our walls are covered with pieces I like to look at. The first thing I notice about a movie is it’s photography. I am drawn to a building if it’s architecture appeals to me. I choose books and magazines by their covers. I take photos every day.

7. Outdoors

Where I want to be. All the time.

8. Shoes

A life long love affair.

9. Passion

It is contagious. Don’t you think?

10. Recycling

I picked out orange peels from the bin earlier tonight and took them to the compost. Nuff said.

Do not download.

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