Wordless Wednesday

and then, she {snapped}

Monday listicles

Confession time.

My name is Stasha and I am very indecisive. Normally this only means I let my husband choose for me from the menu and have 200 items in my shopping cart on Amazon I cannot commit to. But this week it creeped into Monday Listicles.

Naturally it is all Bruna’s fault. She choose a brilliant topic which resulted in me listening to my favorite songs on Youtube for 6 hours straight! So make sure you listen to at least one you never have before, because I have no idea how else to justify my Saturday…

Thank you again Ally for last week’s wonderful topic that also marked our highest number of lists linked! Go Ally!

I am itching to tell you about next week and Jackie! I simply love her blog and her writing and I am well chuffed she is our listicle inspiration. You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spot Jackie among the linked lists this week and see what she wants us to write about next. Not sure who Jackie is? She is a lover of Jersey shores ( the beach and the ocean, not the silly show ), mother of two adorable girls, married to a man that whisks her off to tropical islands and a wonderful writer. Yep, that Jackie!

And now, let’s sing and dance!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!

10 songs that best tell the story of my life

1. Kekec’s song

I grew up watching movies and reading books about Kekec, the brave shepherd. He is a well loved and known children’s character. I still remember lyrics to this song. He says it is best to be happy and spread joy. See, brain washed from young age.

2. Never ending story by Limahl

If you insist on making a movie about me, please let it be a tale like Never ending story. The end.

3. Just like heaven by The Cure

When I thought of myself as a teen, this song popped in my mind first. Makes me think of my mom too.

4. Mesecina by Goran Bregović

It’s a Balkan thing. If your blood is heating up and your feet are stomping as you listen to this tune, you must have Serbain heritage like I do. Also, Bregović wrote music for most of my favorite movies ever, so it is only fair he joins this project.

5. Aisha by Cheb Khaled

This is actual video of him performing in my home town. He has been a guest of That Other Music Festival (Druga Godba Festival) Ljubljana for more then a decade. It was my first encounter with arabic music. Love at first listen. Prompted me to travel to North Africa, study Arabic and eventually move to Middle East. My life would have been very different if it was not for raï music.

6. Hey Ya by OutKast

Most of my twenties were one big party. And this song makes me dance every time, just like it did in 2003.

7. Flow by Sade

And since every movie needs a good love scene I believe this is the song to be played in mine.

8. Molitva (Prayer) by Marija Šerafović

Winner of Eurovision 2007. I played it a lot during my pregnancy. This is for my son.

9. Je Veux by Zaz

I could not say it better myself. Words I live by! And a seriously great tune.

10. Landslide by Dixie Chicks

Play this at my funeral. Because time makes you bolder, children get older, I am getting older too. Also I want to die knowing I stood behind everything I ever said, just like Dixie Chicks. And it is my favorite song of all times…


It’s my party and I will complain if I want to. Since I am turning a year older on 31st, here are the US and UK #1 hits on the day I was born. Please make sure they never make it into my movie cause I really don’t like either!

Scavenger hunt

Here is this week’s hunt.

1. Smile
2. Stand Alone
3. Rusty or Something Old
4. Artificial
5. Repeating Pattern


1. Smile

My son, today, in a box…

2. Stand Alone

3. Rusty or Something Old

From the archives.

4. Artificial

My neighbor’s dog Lucy. I used artificial light (flash) and this is SOOC.

5. Repeating Pattern