Woodland Park Zoo

Time for a giveaway!

As I write this, my son is going to bed and will wake up to his adventure in the Zoo tomorrow. It is our first time visiting Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. But as we are feeding giraffes and elephants, getting Real close to the dinosaurs, chatting with the keepers and riding the historic carousel, YOU can enter for your chance to win a family ticket to visit the Zoo yourself. Their summer season with extended hours runs through September 30 and is filled with daily activities. So many reasons to visit!

Unless you are too far from Pacific Northwest. Which is a shame, because we will not be able to meet up for coffee either. But since this is a giveaway, I have a proposal. Enter anyway and if you happen to win I will send the ticket to anybody you know that can make use of it. Or you may choose a local family to give away your giveaway (indicated in the entry by the word LOCAL). Because nothing feels as great as making others happy.

Rules are simple:

Leave a comment telling me your favorite animal

(if you are able to visit the Zoo yourself enter word LOCAL at the end of the comment)

With that you are entered into a draw my super duper giveaway picker program will shuffle and choose a winner from. If you want to treat yourself follow Woodland Park Zoo blog. Or mine. No extra entries for that, but I promise you will not regret it.

This is why I think you should enter this giveaway and visit this Zoo:

The official rules of the contest:

Enter your real email address in the box indicated above the comment. Only one entry is allowed. Stasha reserves the right to disqualify anyone who chooses not to follow the rules or uses automated entries. Stasha will close the giveaway on the correct date. Winner will be chosen by a WP plugin on the day the entry closes and notified via email. Stasha will send the prize to a US address provided by the winner.

Entries must be submitted no later then 9PM Pacific time on Tuesday, 6th September 2011.

The ticket for one time entry to the Zoo for two adults and two children is valid until end of 2012 and was kindly donated by Woodland Park Zoo.

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  1. Kim September 2, 2011 at 06:53 #

    I hope you have fun and get some great shots with your camera! I love our San Diego zoo, and this is a great way for you to support the Seattle zoo by you. If I win I will have to donate the tickets to a local family as I don’t know how soon we’ll be able to make it north from our little corner here in the southwest :) And I think my favorite animal is still the giraffe; ever since I was a little girl I have loved giraffes. However, my favorite totem animal is the owl. But when we’re at the zoo, I feel giddy when I see the giraffes!
    Kim recently posted..WOW! Women on Writing!

  2. Twisted Domestic Goddess September 2, 2011 at 06:59 #

    oh I really hope I win!!!! We haven’t been to woodland park zoo since Holly was a baby and so worth the trip over the mountains just to do it.

    My favorite animal bounces between monkeys,dolphins, and horses.

    I’m local …well local enough to make the drive!

    Twisted Domestic Goddess recently posted..Nathaniel had a death wish

  3. Anne LeBlanc September 2, 2011 at 09:39 #

    I love watching the seals and otters! Also ELEPHANTS are my family’s love.
    LOCAL (Portland, OR)

  4. Cedar September 2, 2011 at 10:21 #

    What a fun giveaway and have a great trip to the zoo! If you ever want to visit Pt. Defiance Zoo let me know! We have an annual pass that allows us to take visitors :)

    I haven’t been the Woodland Park Zoo since I was in high school~we would LOVE to visit it. It would be great to win the drawing!

    My favorite animals is the giraffe. They are just SOOOO fascinating! I also love Beluga Whales and sea horses!

    Cedar recently posted..Liebster Blog Love Award

  5. jacqui September 2, 2011 at 17:53 #

    Twitter: chicktuition
    I love all animals. But I do have a soft spot for gorillas. And monkeys. I love zoos and wish I lived closer so I could go and take my adopted nephew with me!
    jacqui recently posted..Promises, Promises…

  6. Darcelle September 3, 2011 at 01:05 #

    Golden Lion Tamarin you can’t say no to that face.

  7. Lisa Shultz September 3, 2011 at 08:55 #

    We are visiting the zoo this weekend! It has been over a year since we have been there. Excited to share the zoo with our littlest that is turning 2. I know she is going to be so happy to see all the animals. My son is going to go crazy about the dinos! I hope I win the tickets so we can go again soon!!

  8. [email protected] Afloat! September 3, 2011 at 18:47 #

    Twitter: HSTayingAfloat
    What a fantastic giveaway!! The Woodland Park Zoo is AMAZING!!!

    Oh I just LOVE the Jaguar, and my boys FLIP over the Gorillas and the Seaumangs (yeah totally spelled that wrong but you hear them all throughout the zoo when they are singing!

    [email protected] Afloat! recently posted..The Power of Music

  9. Grumpy Grateful Mom September 3, 2011 at 20:44 #

    Twitter: grumpygrateful
    I’m too far away–drat, but I loved the gorilla at our last zoo trip. The gorilla and I were staring each other down. My husband finally had to drag me away.
    Grumpy Grateful Mom recently posted..A Wild Ride!

  10. Ado September 3, 2011 at 23:04 #

    This entry dictated by Ella, age six, who says: “My favorite animal is – what else? – an elephant!”

  11. rachel September 4, 2011 at 20:55 #

    Twitter: racheldrechsel
    Giraffe is my favorite, mainly because our zoo doesn’t have them and they are so tall (like my husband)! We’d love to go to Woodland Park Zoo because we have never been there!

    rachel recently posted..take me out to the ballgame

  12. Femina_Imagica September 4, 2011 at 21:15 #

    My favorite animal to watch at the Zoo is the Gorrillas.Especially when they have young.It’s amazing watching a huge silver back play so gently with his offspring.So massive but can be so gentle.It’s awesome.LOCAL

  13. Beck September 5, 2011 at 10:33 #

    My favorite either has to be the otters or the gorillas. I love them. I haven’t been to the Woodland Park Zoo in such a long time. I’d love to go!

    Beck recently posted..Photo Shoot Fun – First Try!

  14. Ally September 6, 2011 at 12:58 #

    Twitter: normalmomally
    I haven’t been to that Woodland Park in probably 5 or 6 years! I, too, love the gorillas. I love when they have a hand or foot right up against the glass. Amazing.
    Ally recently posted..Three Day Weekend Glory