Spot of gray

It is no secret Little J loves whales. His toy collection includes Boris the sperm whale, Bill the blue whale and Tim the orca. It’s like I tuck him into Pacific at night.

We have spend lots of our time on the beach sitting, waiting and hoping. Today we hiked trails at Fort Ebey. Among many animals spotted were seagulls, a resident roster who lives in the parking lot and a crane. Also seen were a hopeful surfer and shirt less jogger that passed us twice, but was too fast for me to snap a picture of. Shame really. Not sure if it’s OK to call them wildlife, but they were both spotted. And lucky for me a seagull was flying by, so I can justify posting the picture of the surfer.

Also seen were the Loch Pondilla monster

and a worm that entertained Little J for unreasonably long time.


True to ourselves, we dedicated some time to staring in the big blue ocean just in case 

a pod of orcas passed. As usual, no luck. Then we received a message from Mrs. V, who was picking Little C from daycare and driving home noticed a large flock of sea lions. We were as far away from the car as possible at the time.

But an hour later I decided to drive home that way. For all I knew sea lions might still be about. We stopped by the road. As I got the boys out and headed for the beach I heard it. A spout. We looked and sure enough a big gray whale was feeding in the cove only about a hundred feet from us. We saw him resurface a few more times. It was better then I imagined. Who would have thought after all this time we saw him by accident. Murphy would…

And now for the part where I am who I am and never fail to fail. Yes, I did have the camera with me. Yes, I did leave it in the car. Yes, by the time I went to fetch it, the whale was gone. But fear not, here is the video from last week someone a little more switched on then me took at the same location. The good part about sharing stranger’s video is you can feel free to hate the music. Before I forget; the sea lions were still there too. All twenty something of them. Life is indeed very, very good.





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  1. Posted April 1, 2011 at 09:35 by Mrs. A | Permalink

    Congratulations! The unexpected sightings are the best! I’m very happy for Julian.

    • Posted April 1, 2011 at 14:45 by Stasha | Permalink

      Next time I want to take the wrong turn sitting in your van :)