Monday listicles

Must confess I read some of your listicles from last week twice. A few three times. They were just such a great collection of words we could banish forever. The random lists you entered were great too and gave me some ideas for future themes!

When I suggested green for this week, I was going for the concept and free interpretations and had grand ideas. By number three I was well and truly stuck. Then I remembered the biggest fan of the listicles is Ms. Fancy Pants, who has a collection of lists for her mom to link up for the rest of the summer. And she is only seven. So I enlisted my son to help me out. He had it done in a minute.

Next week I will be writing a list of ten times I laughed out laud. You may follow my lead or come up with something else. Either way link up. And in the comments let me know some of the lists you would like to write and we will make them prompts in weeks to come.

Let us begin.

Make a list, check it twice, link up, read others. Have fun.