Monday Listicles

Here we are, with another list of ten.

I was so happy last week, reading everyone’s Christmas wish lists. Sometimes it’s good to put ourselves first, even better to realize we already have many things we truly wanted! It was also great to discover this week’s topic, chosen by Amanda from Lilahbility : LIST OF TEN, HOMETOWN EDITION. Very excited to see where this takes you!

But before we begin, let me tell you that next week you are in for a treat. Bridget came up with a fabulous list of ten for us to write. I had a sneak peek and cannot wait for you to see it. You mission, should you choose to accept it is to find Bridget among this week’s lists, copy and paste her suggestion and fill it in. Easy peasy! And if you are unsure who Bridget is ( how is that even possible?!), a clue for you: she is a mother of twins, twice. Enough said.

And now:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!


1. You are very picky about your coffee.

2. Eating seafood is nothing special.

3. You never leave the house without a warm jacket, specially to the beach.

4. You never bother checking the weather.

5. You bookmarked tide table.

6. You are from the only simple to pronounce county in Western Washington. Trust me only people who live in Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom know how to say those.

7. You recycle everything.

8. Navy blue is your preferred choice of color. Followed by purple and gold.

9. You know my dog’s name.

10. You never ever want to move away. EVER!

My hometown is so small it fits in my frame. Even though it is officially a city:

51 thoughts on “Monday Listicles”

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      You can never be too late or too early around here. Great to have you join in!

  1. Twitter: Mama_AndTheCity
    LOL – those difficult to pronounce words. That would be a disaster for this little chica.

    And, Oh my God! That city, wow. Really? it could have been funny if you have put the hand as in holding the entire city on it. You know, kind of close to the lens type.
    Mama and the City recently posted..The Ghost of my Christmas Past

  2. Twitter: kiddothings
    That is a beautiful town. It looks like a quaint little peaceful town. I love it that you recycle everything. I wish people recycle more over here.
    Kiddothings recently posted..My Hometown

  3. Twitter: JenAnnHall
    Oh hey now, there are a couple easy to pronounce counties in Washington! I happen to live in Snohomish county. I wish I could figure out just where you live without asking you, but I’m just not that familiar with the islands off WA. I mean, I know a couple in the San Juans, but maybe you’re not actually IN the San Juans…. You’re so cagey!
    Just Jennifer recently posted..Stocking Stuffers, or Small Useful Things

  4. Twitter: aejohnson3131
    Love this hop I will have join next week. Sound like you live a in pretty small town or is it suburban area. Never the less sound kinda awesome.

  5. LOVE IT!!! I need to go write my list…I need to assign someone to remind me every Sunday night, this is getting out of hand. ANYWHO…your list is fantastic and ill make it hard to come up with new ones for my list. I may or may not have to take a couple…oh I have an idea!!! Off I go…….
    Danielle recently posted..One More Birthday Please

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