Monday Listicles

New week, new beginning.

We are talking about changes today. I am writing this on 9/11 and this date marks a tremendous change in the world. After the attack on our nation the world changed. Everybody is a suspect and a potential enemy. We are afraid and worry now more then ever. About ourselves and the future of our children. That is the one change I am sure none of us wanted.

It is important to remember. Those who lost their lives, those who are left behind. But also to remember the fear and the sadness that we are slowly healing from, yet so many are suffering right now. There are children in conflict zones today feeling numb, scared and helpless just like we did looking at the towers collapse 10 years ago.

Please remember and retell so NOBODY ever again thinks that attacking another human being is an acceptable way of resolving conflict. Tell everybody how you felt, as detailed as you can, so they know what war is. So we end them now and forever.

When I am sad I want to laugh it away. Changes are not my strong suit, I kind of like everything just the way it is. But I will tell you ten things I would like to magically change in my everyday life. Thank you Deborah for a great topic and for making me hum David Bowie all week long.

Next week let’s do 10 things you wish kids could do like back in the day.  I will compare it to my childhood, but since you are all young, you can go back as many centuries as you want.

Let’s see what changes you have.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!




1. Three extra hours of sleep that don’t count towards 24.

2. Voice controlled remote for TV so my son can request his favorite show.

3. My espresso machine to be packed and send back for repair. Or better yet, instant self healing of broken appliences.

4. Reverse calorie count of cookies and cucumbers.

5. Fix button on social media sites. I read somebody is having a bad day and I press it. Problem solved.

6.  My camera to be dust free forever.

7. Invisible scarecrow that would keep them away from eating my cranberries and harassing my dog.

8. Supersonic reading power, so I follow as many blogs as I want.

9. Pause button so I can steal an hour here and there for me without loosing any time from my day.

10. Guarantee that my life will always be this happy.

24 thoughts on “Monday Listicles”

  1. Twitter: letters4lucas
    I LOVE your take on the prompt. Especially the speed reading, fix it button, pause button and extra sleep! Great job. Happy to be linking up today.
    Tonya recently posted..Change Is Good

  2. I needed to read something magical tonight Stasha to lift my heart up, and your post has helped! Thank you for writing such a passionate post about 9/11 and then showing us the joy of magic in changes 🙂 And thank you too for what you wrote on my blog about your memory of Sept. 11th. It is a perspective, an experience I haven’t read before, and I really appreciate you sharing it with me.
    Kim recently posted..Unanswered Prayers

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Thank you Kim. I am scared of speaking up about it so as not to come across as unpatriotic. I think 9/11 is a tragedy unlike any other. I just long for the days we thought of people as our brothers and sisters. You know?
      I think my experience of 9/11 is unique in a sense that I represented the ‘other side’ although I am American. It is very different when you step into somebody else’s shoes.
      So how is the little bump doing? Less then 10 weeks to go 🙂

  3. Twitter: amountainmomma
    Today is a good day to think about changes.

    I keep thinking about how hard today is, even up here in Canada. I haven’t watched TV all day. Can’t. I did watch for a minute to see the little boy who had been missing had been returned to his parents.

    That made today better.

    I keep wondering how it must be for people who live in countries where there are bombings every other day or week. Where they are scared to send their kids to school or walk to the store. The stress must be unimaginable.

    I suppose that we have the luxury of time and peace in our respective countries to take a moment and consider our losses. I hurt for everyone who has lost someone from such unnecessary and violent acts.
    Theresa recently posted..That’s Life, Momma

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      I do adore you Theresa. Love your words, your views and your writing. I really do.

  4. Twitter: kiddothings
    All the changes I would want for myself too, except 3 and 7 – not applicable.

    9/11 was such a tragic event and the whole world felt it. You must have felt it even more being an American. Although it’s been 10 years, the memory of it is still so fresh in my mind. I feel so sad for all the innocent lives lost on that day.

  5. Twitter: TimeCrafted
    Love your number ten!!! I think your word magical and possibly the dream of extra sleep that wouldn’t take away from the rest of the day sent me off to Fantasy Land for this listing round. But, it was a fun ride! :>
    Karen @ Time Crafted recently posted..Fantasy Land

  6. Twitter: MamaHearMeRoar
    I can relate with wanting more sleep and supersonic reading powers.

    On another note, I hate war too, and whatever manner of attacking of another human being. Simply thinking of it chokes me up.
    Mama, Hear Me Roar recently posted..Change

  7. I love your magical list, Stasha. The fix and pause buttons are brilliant, and how nice it would be to crunch on cookies all day long without loosening our belts. And as for the espresso machine – I can so relate. After chucking our state-of-the-art, big-name coffee machines with all their widgets and gadgets that kept malfunctioning, we have resigned to a good old, reliable Melitta cone and filter.

  8. Twitter: mommyslounge
    I love this list and I want it too. Well, except maybe for the invisible scarecrow. I’ve no use for it at the moment. =)
    Janice recently posted..Versatile

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