Let the journey begin

Every mom thinks her offspring is special. And we love talking about them. I also have a huge dog that everybody else likes talking about. Now my son is three and he is a real chatterbox. Trust me, he goes on and on and I try to keep up. Everybody tells me I should write a book. I wish I could say I remember but I laugh, post, retell and forget. Why not blog our daily adventures? So here goes, enjoy the rideā€¦

2 thoughts on “Let the journey begin”

  1. Twitter: chicktuition
    I’m so glad you decided to blog your adventures…I always love your writing and your photographs. You are one very talented lady!

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Just to think that I never would have found your blog if I have not started mine. So glad I had that terrible cold back in March! I heart you xo

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