From Russia with love

I read a tweet that led me to a blog this morning. If you would like a good laugh CLICK HERE.

Anyhow it made me think of a lady I met walking Big M with Little J last summer. She was coming down the path with her four Siberian huskies. She was going to rush by, but I told her my dog is friendly and eager to meet hers. So we got to talking and ended up having a lot in common. She told me about growing up in Siberia, her grandma having same kind of dog Big M is and her wearing sweaters made of dogs hair.

Mrs. O is stunning. Not only pretty,but classy. Which in my neck of the woods makes you stand out. She is the only other person I met on the island who wears rubber boots. They are Burberry, but still. She sounds great too. And I like her sense of humor, a lot.

So when I saw her car parked at the dog park today I thought: what are the odds. I just thought of her.

Little J and I were playing under a huge fir tree pretend house and he was making me a pretend cup of tea. Big M was sitting on the pretend porch. We saw her dogs running towards us. Because they are a pack I suggested to Little J to stand on the nearby bench, so he can be taller then them. He said he can handle it. In no time my three feet tall kid was surrounded by four Huskies, a Great dane and a Highland terrier. Think it was the little dog that freaked him out, once he started jumping on him. So he screamed. Only once, but he gave it his all.

The owner of the dane and terrier started running towards us and apologizing. Mrs O walked behind, looking fabulous. She stood next to me, looked at Little J and said: “Who is this screaming like a little girl?”

I told you I like her, a lot.

There should be more women like her in this world to insure my son will grow up to be a man!




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  1. Posted March 30, 2011 at 10:34 by Yuliya | Permalink

    Wait a minute, are you the newest member of the Blog Bloc? Welcome comrade!

    • Posted March 30, 2011 at 10:43 by Stasha | Permalink

      Спасибо, Hvala and Dziękuję.