Call me not

I thought I should talk about this subject tonight, now that I bullied most of my friends to like me on Facebook and will hopefully be reading my blog with their morning brew.

Yesterday I read this post from Mrs.GrayMatter. Please CLICK HERE so we are all on the same page. As you can see she is talking about people like me. Because all of you at some point or the other have been ignored by me. Even you mad spammer reading this just so you can comment something random to promote your website about vitamin B benefits.

I much like Mrs. GrayMatter detest phone conversation. When I was a teenager I spend hours on the phone and was therefor deprived of sunshine and oxygen. Think I have been in recovery ever since. You want to talk to me, show up. And not to be rude announce yourself via text or email so I can brush my teeth. This is modern age so lets get on with the times. Unless you are my grandma off course, her I am scared of and don’t ignore. I just seem to have my phone switched off when she calls.

To top it all I have a needy child. Not most of the time but if I ever pick up the phone he starts running around like a tornado, climbing on me and demanding to do something that requires both of my hands and the left side of my brain. And no, I did not train him to be that way, guess it’s genetic, he dislikes phone talk too.

So love me for who I am and don’t give up on me. Find me out there in cyberspace, it all gets delivered to my smartphone instantaneously. And if you really want to talk come around. I have 700 free minutes a month on my mobile I never use. You can call my grandma.




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  1. Sherry March 24, 2011 at 09:02 #

    We love you Stasha!! AND will call you when we are in the US!!

  2. deborah l quinn October 2, 2011 at 08:08 #

    Twitter: mannahattamamma
    Funny funny funny. Left a comment on her site – great post. Isn’t it uncanny how children can leave us alone to write a blog, cook dinner, send an email…but get on the phone and it’s all “MOMMOMOMOMOMOM I NEED YOU RIGHT NOWWWWW” and/or in my kids’ case, the exact moment they choose to try and kill each other. There must be some trigger in their cerebral cortex somewhere…
    deborah l quinn recently posted..Maid Anxiety

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