Daily Archives: December 14, 2011

Virtually too busy

Sat down to check your email and two hours later you are pinning a craft project you will never do and checking if your high school boyfriend is single and miserable?

Sounds familiar? I know, me too. Apart from the boyfriend part, because I don’t have time for Facebook anymore. Between my blog here and another one on my professional site, Twitter and Pinterest I am fully booked. And because this simply wasn’t enough I find little gems like Houzz, a site about interior design and get lost for hours staring at and adding to my ideabook beautiful rooms that will never be mine. Then there is online window shopping and reading everyone else’s great blogs. Not to mention G+ and my overflowing reader. And entering all photography challenges. Followed by great blog link ups. The list is endless…

Needless to say I never respond to any of my emails. Although that is what I actually set out to do.

If you are just like me, this is your lucky day. This post is about absolutely nothing. So you can thank me for taking but a minute of your time and move on to pinning your dream holiday destination. You are welcome.

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