Daily Archives: December 8, 2011


We were hanging out in my bed yesterday morning; tickling, wrestling and creating mayhem, as usual. My son was full of mischief, as usual. I was sleepy, as usual.

Me: Dude how about we go downstairs and have some breakfast?

Little J ignoring me , laughing and rolling around.

Me: Honestly kiddo, you are one of a kind.

Little J laughing, giving me the cheeky look.

Me: Where do you get all this energy?

Little J: From the store.

Me: Which store?

Little J: The grocery store.

Me: They sell things like energy there?

Little J: Yes, and boys like me.

Me: Did you come from the store too?

Little J: Yep.

Me: Which aisle were you in?

Little J: The fun isle, where the cereal is.

Me: So you came from a cereal box?

Little J: Yep, I was the prize.

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