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Earlier this year, sometime in March, a fire truck was parked in front of our house.

They were checking all the fire hydrants in the neighborhood. My son summed up the courage to talk to firemen and they gave him a sticker. All and all he spend two minutes with them. We have seen them driving around town a few times since.

Every single day, twice, I insist on tooth brushing.

I trust my son to do it on his own and he is very good at it. However he has to be reminded to brush. A few times at least.


Me: Did you brush your teeth?

Little J: In one minute I will.

5 minutes later…

Me: Go brush your teeth.

Little J: I AM! Just have to finish the puzzle.

5 minutes later…

Me: Son, you are all done with the puzzle. We are going to school soon. Have you brushed your teeth?

Little J: I am going now.

1 minute later…

Me(holding my hand up): I asked you four times now. FOUR TIMES!

Little J: You are only holding up three fingers Mommy, not four.

2 minutes later, after I stop laughing in my room.

Me: OK, what do we do every morning, before getting dressed? The reason we came upstairs earlier?

Little J: I don’t remember Mommy. Tell me.

Me: Do you remember the fire engine that was parked outside our house long time ago?

Little J: Yes.

Me: What number is that fire engine?

Little J: 81.

I rest my case. Must be a Y thing…


For the record, I took this at the 4th of July parade.

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