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Monday Listicles / BITB Edition

Welcome to BITB meets ML!

What on earth am I talking about? Some pretty ladies felt like going down memory lane, all the way to high school years. I said: how about we turn it into a list? And that is how BABES IN THE BLEACHERS came about. They are making a debut here, today! So just this once let us call this Monday Listicle a special edition.

Special because there is a cute button that will let everybody know you joined BITB.

Special because I will leave the link up open for a month, so nobody is late for the party.

Special because I will let you get away with anything high school, list or not.

Special because I say so.

For all you list makers, here is what we are doing next week: Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to find HOPES TO STAY AFLOAT blog among the link ups. Then find out what topic my neighbor Hopes chose for next list. In case you are not sure who Hopes is ( why aren’t you anyway?!): you will find her stuck between 3 boys and a husband, on her way to enjoy a vacation and umbrella drinks.

OK, let’s go back to school!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!


1.  I took public bus number 1 and then changed  to number 13 to get to my high school.

2. I struggled with math throughout high school.

3. If we skipped class, we usually went for a cappuccino in the gallery around the corner.

4. In year two I had my hair cut very, very short. Sinead O’Connor kind of short.

5. Our first class started at 7:10 AM and we were done by 1:10 PM.

6. I had student season tickets to the theatre all 4 years of high school.

7. I was assistant skiing coach. Mostly so I could hit the slopes for free.

8. I won national contest for best research paper in geography and a trip to Rome as a prize.

9. My favorite professor was Nives Ratkajec. She still teaches art class.

10. I only stay in touch with two of the girls from my class. Mojca and Mateja.

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