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Mountain VS Volcano

Little J, aged 3 years 11 months and 2 days, was hanging out with his buddy T, aged 3 years 10 months and a day.

They build a city together with Legos, shared cars and took turns at the playground. They ate their snacks and agreed on a show they wanted to watch. They even put together a puzzle as a team. Then they sat down to flick through the National Geographic magazine.

Little J: Look T, a volcano.

T: That is not a volcano, it is a mountain.

Little J: No it is not. It is a volcano.

T: It is a mountain.

Little J: But it has a hole on the top and smoke coming out.

T: I know, sorry, it is a mountain.

Little J: But it is not pointy. It is a volcano.

T: It is a mountain, volcanos are mountains.

Little J: No, sorry, you don’t know about volcanos. They have lava and they erupt.

T: No, sorry, I know about lava. It is hot and red. And this is a mountain. There is no lava in this picture.

Little J: No, but there is smoke. Because this is a volcano.

T: It is a mountain too.

Little J: It is not.

T: Yes it is.

Little J: No, it is not.




Little J: Volcano!

T: Mountain.

Little J: Volcano.

T: Mountain.

25 minutes later, no closer to the resolution. I spend the day with two of the geekiest preschoolers in Pacific NW. The home of Mount St. Helens.

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