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Monday Listicles

Before we begin our Listicles today I have something exciting to share with you. I have been interviewed by Mama Wants This and I am sure you are all super curious what I am like in real life, when I am not the listmaster extraordinaire. So once you link up and all make your way over CLICKING HERE. Thank you.

Happy Halloween!

Are you having a spooky, fun filled one? Are you ready to tell me all about it? Good. Before we start sharing, a huge shout out to the brains behind Best of the Blogosphere and last weeks topic chooser Sue. Great lists, great turnout and wonderful idea-thank you all for sharing.

And now onto something completely different. No, not Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Next week’s Listicles. Brought to you by Lovelinks crew is the topic you have all been waiting for:


-we will be putting together a list dedicated to your HIGH SCHOOL YEARS

-we will be asking you to add this cute button that the girls worked on very hard

-we promise not to laugh at bad perms and fashion choices so you are encouraged to add photos

(Bruce and all other men linking up, you may talk about your babes or turn it into Dudes in the… list)

Excited? I am!

In the mean time, let us share a list of ten things HALLOWEEN (or not, whatever tickles your fancy).

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!


1. Ghosts smile a lot


2. Skeletons like bones

Haunted Party

3. If you are dressed as a firefighter you get all the candy

Haunted Party

4. Witches like to fly on brooms

Haunted Party

5. A lot

Haunted Party

6. Vampires are messy when catching apples

Haunted Party

7. It is better to hide behind the curtain then clock

Haunted Party

8. Little ghost has a black cat

Haunted Party

9. Mouse is running away from the black cat

Haunted Party

10. Fruit bats like pumpkins

Haunted Party

All of the above are things my son said in the past few weeks while we were reading this book. He loves it and I am sure your children will too. And I say this because I mean it and for no other reason at all.

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I am a guest star

I am well chuffed to be a star at

today. She asked, I answered and you must be dying to know what!! So off you go. CLICK HERE.

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