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Monday Listicles

Well hello there.

You are about to get to know the new me. Lovingly referred to as The ListMaster (thank you Amanda, it’s catchy and I am keeping it), I am known for being a stickler for rules. All you out there are rebels sometimes (you know who you are) and one of you is a rebel ALL the time (we all know who that is). But I always follow the topic. Well things are about to change.

Last week One Pink Chick asked for 10 guilty pleasures and you came out in force confessing. Such fun posts, such great reads. And lots and lots of desserts. For that I heart you all and Jacqui for making you spill the beans.

Then Cookies Mom chose a wonderful topic. 10 tips for new moms. Now for somebody who never held a baby before giving birth to my own I think as my son approaches his 4th Birthday it is safe to say I am doing OK. Well most would say I am pretty amazing really. At least my Husband would. Because he knows better then not to…

But before proclaiming this to be the topic for our lists Cookies Mom jokingly said we should write a list of 10 reasons you want to be Scottish. And this my friends is my opportunity to rebel. Maybe not technically, since it was picked by Cookie’s Aunt. Still, tonight I dedicate my list to all you rebels. Keep joining us with the list of whatever, follow the prompt or not. We are all friends around here.

Before we continue a legal disclaimer : I am not Scottish. I have never been to Scotland, which is sad since we only lived a few hours away for years. This list was assisted by an English woman, my dear friend who is returning home today after visiting me. I adore her, so do Little J, BIg M and Husband. And many Scots too. She travels to Glasgow often, mostly free willingly. So she knows what she is talking about. I really don’t and I am not out to offend anyone. Except maybe Mel Gibson. But he is not Scottish…

Next week, no brainer, HALLOWEEN LIST. In case you did not realize it is on the 31st.

Awright, that’s me then.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!


10 REASONS YOU WANT TO BE SCOTTISH (topic chosen by Cookie’s Aunt)

1. You will always have green grass since the rain never stops.

Soccer Ball
2. No need to worry about your favorite color, your family clan tartan will determine that.

3. Although you speak English you will forever sound foreign to all but Scots.

4. As a man you will rock the kilt and your wife will appreciate you not wearing anything under (less laundry).

5. You can blame everything on the English.

6. You have at least 5 words to describe being drunk.

7. After calling Haggis a delicacy the chances of anyone asking you to cook are slim.

8. Nobody will be surprised if you are waiting for your change.


9. You will have a reputation for being brave, funny and good looking. Even Mel Gibson will not be able to spoil that!

10. You will be the one to lure the ListMaster into writing about you.

Yes, you Scottish lassie!

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