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Monday Listicles

Back from a quick trip and ready to start the week with a list.

So what did you all think about Ado choosing the Family tree as our list topic this week? I for one loved it. Reading yours and writing mine. There were mangos and Polish, English and Chinese and Grandpas and family treasures. We had mansions with secret rooms and Nobel prize winners and even a cat called Lucky. Food and lasagna gardening and simple pleasures many were grateful for. Not forgetting the fox and wrestling midget. And so much more!

Well this week One Pink Chick chose guilty pleasures. Which let’s face it is a great list to write. Even better to follow and check items off, daily. I promise I did not make her choose this so that I can feel better about eating incredible amounts of chocolate. It was her own doing and in fact I am worried all of you will not include chocolate on your list and then how can we possibly stay friends? Be as it may, thank you Jacqui for choosing a great topic and more then likely not following it…

Further more, I have a hugely huge announcement: next week we are writing a list Cookies Mom is choosing. Judging by her great blog and incredible similarities between us, we will have fun with it. In case you have been stuck under a rock, your mission, should you choose to except it, is to find her among the link ups and follow the prompt. I really think you need no help spotting Cookies Chronicles since you all participate in her Best of Blogsphere but I shall give you two pointers: she is above me and she writes great book reviews.

So, time for my list. We returned from a weekend in Seattle and my vacation rule (in a nutshell: anything goes) left the door wide open for many pleasures that I now feel guilty about.

Let us see yours!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!


10 things my son did with pleasure that left me feel guilty


1. Chose many expensive truffles,

Truffles Truffles Truffles

2. Then ate them.


3. Tasted many jams, but we bought none. Because nobody is eating the ones acquired on last trip.


4. Ordered half dozen donuts and ate two.


5. Sampled more chocolate while still eating the donut.

More chocolates

6. Took Daddy into toy store, negotiated a new bulldozer and backhoe loader,

Toy store

then read a book about building machines to convince me new trucks are necessary.

Toy store

8. Dragged his feet,



8. which made Daddy feel sorry for him and carry him many, many blocks.



9. Walk Daddy back to toy shop to collect vehicles.


10. While Mommy indulges in her guilty pleasures in peace.

Chocolate for Mommy

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