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Monday Listicles

End of the weekend marks the start of Listicles.

We had an amazing week. So many of you linked up and shared your favorite quotes. Some were inspirational, some funny and some were the cutest things your children came up with. They were all great reads. Thank you Bits of Bee for a great theme.

Seems like we are on a roll because Ado chose a great topic this time around. 10 family tree related things. I would never come up with something this much fun. This is a good one!

And next week: BIG SURPRISE! I got the ultimate chick, the one gone bad on her way of becoming good again on board. As part of her 12 step program of becoming even cuter and more pink she has agreed to choose what we will all be writing on our next list. Who is this chick you say? @Chicktuitionis the one that makes me laugh. I read her blog even on the day she does’t post anything. She is also resource on many useful subjects, like how to capture an alligator (settle down PETA, we are talking digitally) and successful ghost hunting. Not to mention home to the coolest photo competition ever! Still a week left to enter!

Your mission, should you chose to accept is to find Chicktuition among the linked blogs below and write a list on the subject she chose. Then come back next week and share. Or if you want to be a rebel, link any list of ten. We will still read it…

So on to this week’s topic by @AdotheMomalog.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!


1. There was a man from Istanbul that made ice cream and cakes.

2. There was a woman with the prettiest blue eyes and French sense of style.

3. Two of his great grandfathers served in World War II and one grew up in the midst of it.

4. Most of his ancestors have dipped their feet in the Mediterranean sea.

5. Some wrote in cyrillic.

6. By default he should be a Yankees fan.

7. Each generation outranks the one before.

8. Both his Grandmas have Italian last names.

9. His mom gets mad in a foreign language.

10. His dad has wonderful taste in women. As you all know.

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