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Are you rolling on my blog

My week so far :

843 unread items in Google reader.

31 Lists read twice.

3 posts on this blog and 3 posts on StashaBPhotography.

Over 400 tweets.

Countless blogs read, even more photos looked at.

1 bagel forgotten in a toaster on Tuesday morning. Found on Thursday. Don’t even remember if it was for me or Little J.

Blogging is hard work. It is fun and all, but it is hard work. And in my case it is not bringing me any fame or fortune.

It is however bringing me you. Wonderful, talented writers, photographers, educators, people I wish lived on my block.

I have been meaning to update my blogroll for months now. I just honestly don’t have the time. So this is the beginning. I will be adding all of you as I find time to do so. Because I do read your stuff and I read it because I LIKE IT.

That’s that.

Blogroll part 1 of estimated 317:

(these are in no particular order, cause you know I heart you all).

runner mom blog Wednesday Words of Wisdom Photobucket Photobucket Bees With Honey cookies_chronicles_button
Old TweenerLetters For LucasBlog Button
and then, she {snapped}


Two Normal Moms, Lilahbility and Not Wifezilla; you girls drove me mad trying to find some kind of image for you. Nada. But I will still read your blog, lovingly.

I must go to sleep. All my favorite photo blogs I will leave for next time.

Update: I will link this post to cookies_chronicles_BOTB_button because all my favorite posts in October were on these very blogs. My list of Best of the Blogosphere!

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