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Leave a message

This post is inspired by

Mama’s Losin’ It

1.) Share a disagreement you’re having with someone and let your readers be the judge!

I love the idea of this prompt but I have no pending disagreements. Can you believe that?

Reasons for why that may or may not be the fact:
- I am rarely in adult company
- I am not confrontational
- or opinionated
- I had oral surgery and am numb and pain free courtesy of drugs
- I am simply always right.

But I had an issue last night that I would like for you to weigh in on. I suppose it is me against the world and if you have EVER visited this blog or follow me on Twitter you know where I stand. But for the sake of argument I will present two sides, mine and my friends (who is not as old as this will make her sound).

My hairdresser alerted me to the fact that my voice mail is full and she could not record a reminder for my appointment last week. Last night I finally tackled the issue, mostly because I am now a business owner and there is a slight possibility my mobile might ring one day.

After looking for voice mail among the last 50 dialed numbers (which took me back all the way to January) and searching for the o_o icon on my phone’s keyboard I was no closer to calling voice mail box. I resorted to googling for the number. Turns out it is VM (86). Clever ha? Anyhow after consulting Twitter and Facebook I was armed with 77 (shortcut to erasing without listening-thank you Rachel) and chocolate, ready to face the nemesis.

Most messages were by a stranger looking for Harvey and a realtor hoping to schedule a viewing. I do not know a man called Harvey and we are not selling our house. Also I missed my tooth cleaning cancellation. All together, waste of time.

So I had my rant:

Voice mail is obsolete. It takes less time to email or text a person. Or tweet. Or send a carrier pigeon. This is 21st century. Nobody should be talking on the phone anyway, let alone record on a machine who somebody else then has to dial. And in any case, I can see the missed call number on the screen and call back, right?

Unless you are my grandmother. Then by all means leave a message telling me screening is not nice and no way to treat your parents…

My friend said:

People should leave a message after the beep. It is polite and lets the person you are calling know you did. The message should include the reason you called, time, return phone number and any additional information. The message should be listened to and call returned. There is nothing worse then having a missed call and not knowing what it was about.

Your turn:


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