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Scavenger hunt

It’s time for this week’s Scavenger Hunt.

  1. 1. Bokeh 
  2. 2. Process of Elimination
  3. 3. Remember
  4. 4. Statues
  5. 5. Flying High 


© Stasha B Photography

Seeing bokeh as a prompt made me think of gorgeous spiderweb shot Ashley posted last month. I left this one SOOC.

2. Process of Elimination

© Stasha B Photography


© Stasha B Photography


Marine layer is common on our beach. I snapped this photo in hope the mist will show well and it would look like she is walking through it. Shame it did not. I eliminated the drift wood that was distracting from the subject. Not great, but it was a dreamy sight in real life. Guess you had to be there.

3. Remember

© Stasha B Photography
I don’t remember the day my Grandma took this photo, but I know I was happy.

4. Statues

© Stasha B Photography

My son tried to sum up the courage to shake Living Statue’s hand, but he ended up walking away.

5. Flying High

© Stasha B Photography

Crows are taking over our town. It is like a Hitchcock movie.

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