Stasha B Photography Giveaway

I could not resist that tittle, it is so much fun referring to myself in third person.

This is my giveaway. To you. I wish I was wealthy beyond my middle class existence and could send each and every one of you a gift to say thank you. 

Thank you for encouraging me, believing in me, supporting me and making me follow my dreams. Thank you for your kind comments, for reading my blog, sharing my life and keeping me company in the middle of my sleepless nights. Thank you for laughing with me and having my back. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

This is for you; my family, friends, neighbors. For my biggest fan, who is celebrating her Birthday today! For my readers, Facebook followers, Twitter pals. For all you Google plusing me and telling Klout I am influential. For my List Makers, linking up every Monday. For all of you who mention me in your posts, blogrolls and display my buttons. For all who are looking me up on Yellow pages and booking sessions with me. For all who are spreading the word about my photography. For Georgia, who reads my blog everyday. And for all who stay out of the limelight. I really do appreciate you all.

Anyone can enter. Don’t feel shy. All you have to do is CLICK HERE and look around.

Come back and LEAVE A COMMENT TELLING ME THE TITLE OF THE PRINT YOU WOULD LIKE TO WIN. (hovering over or clicking on the image reveals the title of it) That is all.

Consider these to be the official rules:

– no age limit ( because age is nothing but a number)

– no geographical restrictions ( although anything leaving planet Earth will acquire additional time for delivery)

– only one entry is allowed ( no imaginary friends please, that includes you Simmy Sim!)

– I will close the giveaway on the correct date

– winner will be chosen by a WP plugin on the day the entry closes ( I will take a video of the draw as I have in the past  in case riots occur, but in general I do not like to expose the winner to the public)

– winner will be notified via email.

– I will send the prize which is one 11×14 print signed and numbered by me and chosen by you from my shop.

If you feel so inclined you can follow Stasha B Photography on Twitter or Facebook. Every little helps me make it big.

Entries must be submitted no later then 9PM Pacific time on Tuesday, 4th of October 2011.









The loo incident

Look, I know all about leading by example.

I live and breathe it everyday. Even in my most tired and lazy state I will never skip tooth brushing or forget to put my seatbelt on. I try never to loose my manners or swear. And no matter how tiny the paper, I recycle it. No matter how bad the rain, I take waste to the compost. I even treat everyone the way I would want to be treated. Yes, even the staff at the coffee shop drive thru that get my order wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME. But more on that subject some other day.

Last night my son was eating an apple. He has his own little strange system. He meticulously peals off little bits of skin at the time and then bites into it. Yes, I offered to peel it for him. Yes, I tried reasoning. But you know what, he is eating an apple and that is what matters.

Except he joined me in the bathroom and handed me the tiniest apple skin flake. Because I guess same as my husband is convinced I should be the middleman between him and the dishwasher my son decided I should be his assistant in garbage disposal. I stood right next to the toilet, so I dropped it in. I was busy with something, my hands were full and it is what it is. Honestly, the fragment in question was smaller then the tip of your nail.

Next thing I know I ask my son if he is finished with it so we can start getting ready for bed. He informs me that he was done with it and flushed it down the toilet. WHAT [email protected]#@!?

Fast forward to this morning and Little J telling me he cannot flush his potty. I will spare you all the details. Let’s just say I now know how to remove the toilet and that my wrists are not as delicate as they once were. Also toilet bowls are insanely heavy and I wish I had an elephant handy to lift this exquisite piece of porcelain.

Never one to miss the opportunity to educate I made my son watch. I hope he will never follow my example in such manner again.

So to recap, do not under any circumstances throw anything in the loo in front of your child. They will multiply the item times 713, use your moment of weakness as an excuse, repeat your slip up and make you regret it for eternity.

Also as much as I am great at DIY plumbing I will stick to photography as my main trade. So remember to pass by tomorrow for a chance to win one of my art prints.

Come on, tell me:

Did I bring this upon myself?

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