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Just the three of us

So my son has an imaginary friend, Simmy Sim.

He appeared out of nowhere a few weeks ago. He hung out with us for a couple of days and then left quietly. Now he is back and it is starting to look like he is here to stay. According to Little J his mom allowed Simmy Sim to sleepover. Everyday except Saturday. I know, I wondered why Saturday myself…

Simmy Sim is a boy of mystery. Rumor has it he is five years old, but sometimes he is hundred. Little J told me today on a walk Simmy Sim can reach up to the tallest tree. I honestly don’t know how he fits into Little J’s twin bed then. It must be all the jelly beans he eats that help him grow so tall. Initially his eyes were orange, but now they have turned green like Daddy’s. He has a dog too.

He also wants to watch another episode of Mighty Machines after I specifically said there will only be one played.

He likes to eat his dessert before dinner.

He insists on staying home when it is time to walk the dog.

He wants me to read another book before bedtime.

And Simmy Sim thinks Little J and him should sleep in my bed.

So last night we all snuggled up for two books before bedtime, in my bed. Because our house guest’s wishes are my commands. I was reading about Granny Gomez and her pig Jigsaw when all of the sudden Little J screamed in sheer panic.

Turns out I was laying on Simmy Sim.

How tall does that make me?!

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The pink debate

It is that time of the year again.

Just like that, we find a note from the teacher in our Summer Camp backpack with this years supplies list. And so it begins, yet another quest for glue sticks and select a size paper towels. I am no closer to understanding why we need to contribute 200 Dixie cups, nore do I really care.

Seeing how this year my son is older and ever so opinionated, I thought I should take him shopping. Also it rained and I was not too crazy about watching the demolition site documentary, again. So we went to our local department store.

Little J insisted to hold and read the list. Then somewhere in between electronics and fragrances he told me there are shoes on his list. I double checked because I do, as all other mothers, believe my son is a genius who is capable of teaching himself to read.  No shoes, just above mentioned bizarre items.

I was in rare form, because the next thing I know we are in the kids shoe section. Looking back, it is a good thing he did not misread his imaginary list addendum and we ended up buying a new ostrich or bobsled. Anyhow, the selection was limited, as I am sure is the case in most small town shops. He looked around and settled on a pair of Chucks. I started looking for his size in red or black.

And then Little J said:  MAMA WHAT ABOUT THE PINK ONES?

Me: What about them?

Little J: Do they have my size?

Me: Do you like the pink ones?

Little J: It is not my favorite color, only my fifth favorite. But I don’t see the blue or green or aquamarine.

Me: You will wear pink sneakers to school? You don’t think they are a bit girly?

Little J: Girls wear blue and green. And Erika wore red last week.

Me: Well sure, but you don’t see many boys wearing pink.

Little J: Daddy has a pink shirt and  I have a pink shirt.

Me: True. OK, I will look.

Turns out they did not have his size.  In fact I realized he is still on the toddler side when it comes to Chucks, so we ended up buying the only pair they had in 9- hi top black ones. OK, they had high top pink ones too, but I kept quiet.

I always thought I was kind of cool. I let my son have long hair, because he likes it. I let him put pepper and salt on his dark chocolate, because he likes it. But I struggled with the image of him going to school in low, bright pink Chuck Taylors.

A day later I still don’t know why. Because with this attitude I am sure he could get away with it.

Would you buy pink Chucks for a boy?

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Wordless Wednesday

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