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Tale of a crow and a dog

We have a new grill.

Which means all dinners until further notice are prepared by my Husband and consumed on the back porch. Also known as the residence of Big M. Off course the dog is kind and lets us crash in his bachelors pad.

We in return gave him some lovely bones. He took them in the middle of the backyard, also known as his snacking area.

Then this cheeky crow appeared. He was eyeing the bone and kept creeping up on our dog. To our surprise dog stood up, returned onto the porch and let the crow finish his bone. I was in shock but Husband was quick to educate me crows are very intelligent and probably have a hit on Big M. This is a short recap of the five minute story Husband, who clearly watched way too much Sopranos, came up with:

Do not download.

Silly, I know.

Except the crow then walked up to Big M’s water bowl, drank out of it, took a nice bath, pooped on his way out, glanced one last time in my dog’s direction and flew away.

Look, I have seen Birds. Maybe Hitchcock and Husband are right…

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