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Monday Listicles

Back again with another list of ten.

I laughed and laughed last week. I figured you all are a funny bunch, but you exceeded my expectations. Not just with you humor, but presentation and ability to remember the little things that made you happy in everyday life. Among lists was also Janice’s top ten to celebrate her new baby boy. Congratulations!

Before I forget, next week I will be doing a list of 10 I miss.

So Bill from Smells like Borscht suggested for us to do list of ten dedicated to food. Anything to do with food. I spend most of my week sampling many different foods to determine what should make my list. I have in the past made a top ten most bizarre foods list. So in the end I let my son choose top ten something about food. For a while it looked like he was going for his favorites, but when he said peas I knew he was just coming up with stuff. In case I was wrong I made peas for him anyway and I can confirm this is NOT his top ten list. It is a list of something or the other food.

Let’s see what yours are! And a word of caution. Eat first, otherwise you will be snacking all the way through the list reading…

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!

Back by popular demand a comic featuring

Little J’s list of ten food stuff

Do not download.

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