Daily Archives: August 4, 2011

Trigger happy

No, I am not talking fire arms or acting rashly.

I am talking about my beloved camera. It is the single most amazing purchase I ever made (and my Husband paid for). It goes with me everywhere. I am stuck to it’s viewer to the point where my eyelashes are glued together. It takes great photos and makes me appear talented. It records our everyday life and helps me appreciate it’s beauty. I love my fancy camera. And it’s lenses. The strap too.

Do not download.

But it is tearing my family apart. Because my dog loves to pose for it and my son doesn’t. The other day I was clicking away and my son looked at me dead serious : Not today Mama, it is my day off.

Do not download.

Which made me think I might be overdoing it.

Do not download.

So I did what every other parent would. I started focusing on the dog and asking him to pose for me.

Do not download.

It worked like a charm, because past few days my son has been requesting to take a picture of him.

Do not download.

And to leave you with something funny over the weekend here is what made me laugh this morning:

I ordered a pack of socks for Little J and let him choose the colors. They arrived yesterday and he loves them. So much so he brought them to bed first thing in the morning. Sitting there he is examining the label and looking at the care instructions he says:


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