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Monday Listicles

New week, new Listicle.

First of all how much did you love last weeks challenge? I did. It was great fun hopping around and seeing all your takes on Yin Yang. Thank you Kim for a great topic.

Speaking of Yin Yang relationship Mother Earth has some rage planned for East coast and as I write this I hope with all my being everybody is well and safe. I hope in the darkest hour you can close your eyes, visit one of ten places you love and find comfort until Irene passes by your town.

Now to a more happy announcement: we are taking Little J to Woodland Zoo down near Seattle this weekend. Because he wants to see a giraffe. And lovely people from Woodland Zoo would like you to see them too. I have a family pass to give away and if you return on Friday and let me know how much you want it, I will enter you in a draw. What is more, if you win but cannot make a trip to Pacific Northwest in next year or so I will send it to someone you know who can. So spread the word…

To celebrate our trip and my first giveaway ever, how about we do List of 10 animal related. Anything to do with zoology. Surprise me!

And thanks to Sara for picking this weeks theme. I love writing about things I love! So without further ado:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. My bed

Because my son comes in every morning and I start my day by Sundaying. Which is essentially me doing anything he comes up with, mostly playing house with his imaginary friend Simmy Sim  and reading books. It is our special time when the world is just me and him and my bed ( and my sons infinite imagination).

2. Little J’s bed

Because it is a fruit of my labour. OK, I had to throw that in. Reason it is on the list is snuggling up every night to read a bed time story and talk about our day. Then a kiss and a hug and my son is off to dream land.

3. Guest bed

Because I have a terrible sense of humor. I was going to say Big M’s bed next but I will stop here… In my defense the guest bed is very comfortable.

4. Pacific NW

this is heaven. The island we live on is perfect. Everything about it. Love our corner of the world.

5. Motherland

I come from unimaginable beauty. No wonder my life is good. Look at where it begun.


6. My blog

Because it is a place I meet all of you.

7. Sheldrake Rd

Is the address we lived on in England. Where my dear friend still lives. Where my son took his first steps. Where my puppy became a dog. Where my Husband and I became a family.

8. Paris

There is something about Paris. I just love it.

9. Barn

I am always happy there. No matter what, I step in the barn and I am happy.

10. Sky

I love looking at it, I spend most of my adult life flying it and love taking photos of it.

Scavenger Hunt

It’s time for this week’s Scavenger Hunt.

1. Old and New
2. Night Photography
3. Music
4. Cheesy
5. Sun


1. Old and New

An old…

…and a new(ish) hydrant  in our town.

2. Night Photography

SOOC photo of the sunset on Tuesday.

Looking at it through the sprinklers.

And the final edit.

3. Music

I find it hard to take a self portrait, but I gave it a shot. Listening to my iPod.

4. Cheesy

This is what happens when I ask my son to say cheese.

5. Sun

My boy was playing with his Buzz Lightyear and I caught this as he was reaching towards the sun.