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When I grow up

My son has decided to be a fireman and a builder when he grows up. His mind is made up and that’s that.

I cannot remember as a child really wanting to do something with passion. My friends were dreaming of cutting hair, saving lives or driving police cars. I just wanted to fly. When I finally realized being a passenger requires money, I started thinking of ways to earn it. I decided to be a pilot. My Grandpa, always the voice of reason, told me I have to do exceptionally well in school to be accepted to the military academy. They were the only school that thought you to be a pilot back home. On top of that he said I need to take good care of my teeth. Apparently cavities would pop out in the cockpit because of cabin pressure, so they were not allowed in the fighter pilot program. Looking back I cannot believe what rubbish parents get away with. But he was a Commander in the Army, so I figured he knew what he was talking about. I brushed my teeth way too many times a day and studied hard. I became a flight attendant with a lovely smile.

Now that I stay home with my son I work harder that I ever did back when I had a paying job. Little J is rather bossy and I am always the one making us beverages. Gossiping is not all that great during the break either. He mostly talks about vehicles and kid stuff. And the hours are long. No one to complain to either.

The best bit about my current position is my kid’s dependence. As much as he whines, ultimately he has to do what I want and go where I want. OK, the fact that I love him more then life itself is pretty awesome too. But that is not always a good thing. As I was saying, my son cannot reach the pedals in the car ¬†yet, so I dictate what we do all day. Which is pretty much outdoors stuff. Beach, farm, hiking, playground. If it was up to me we would be out at the crack of dawn and only return home to sleep. That is precisely what I loved about my old job too. Apart from having to serve wine on route I mostly wondered around the world taking pictures and playing golf. I know, life was good back then too.

See where things get complicated is, my son will turn four before Christmas. And then five and six. Rumor has it by then he will have to go to school. Which leaves me home alone for most of the day with a dog that is too lazy to exercise. Husband says I can just stay home and look pretty, perhaps work on my golf swing a bit and dust, but I reckon at some point I will need to get a job again.

Only what is out there for someone like me? Who wants to be outdoors, not talk to people and have my dog by my side. Well I might get a working ranch. If I win the lottery. Which I don’t play. So more realistically these are a few jobs I have seen people in my town do:

Lollipop lady- I don’t know how they are called in USA, but it is the responsible adult with a stop sign helping school children cross the road safely.

Construction worker- or even better, the folks that hold the stop sign and help direct traffic during road works.

Horse groomer- I do it everyday, might as well get paid for it.

Dog walker- I do it everyday, might as well get paid for it.

Trash picker- I like the idea of cleaning the Earth. And with those handy tools it is not as hard as picking up toys every evening in my house.

Landscaping – I do really enjoy mowing grass. I could learn to plant too.

Greenskeeper- combines golf and grass maintenance. Perfect.

Mail carrier- if they used cute red bikes like they do in England I would sign up immediately.

Newspaper delivery- is that exclusive to teenagers or can I do it too?

It is very late in the evening and I have an early day tomorrow. So if you can help me come up with some other ideas on what career would be best for me, let me know. My future depends on it.

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