Monday listicles

It’s Monday. Thanks to this linky it has become my favorite day of the week. How I loved your lists last week. There was lots of green and other fun stuff. Did you see them all?

This week I have a special surprise for you. One of the list makers will be posting our next weeks theme. Even I don’t know what it is! I do know who it is, but I will be cheeky and keep it a secret. Guess you have to go and search for it…

I wanted to share with you what makes me LOL. I am one of those people who laugh, then cry, then gasp for air. But a lot of things that would have made a list, I chickened out posting. Turns out, my sense of humor is very quirky and perhaps not quite G rated. Also, most things that made me laugh recently I forgot. Like the cup of coffee I drove to the coffee shop for, twice.

Cannot wait to see what you came up with. So lets begin!

10 times I laughed out laud


1. My son, every day says something that makes me laugh. You can check Little J quotes if you don’t believe me.

2. There are so many funny shows. To make it to this list I had one criteria: every episode had to have made me laugh to tears. My picks are Frasier, Suburban Shootout and Bored to death.

3. This might be one of those ‘guess you had to be there’ but the other day Big M and his buddy Otis tried catching a deer. Talk about mission impossible.

4. Going out, back in the day, with my friends Tori and Vicki was some of the best times I ever had. We always laughed. I miss them.

5. I found my minivan decorated with stickers earlier today. My son’s exact words: it is much more fancy now.

6. Reading blogs. Boy, there are some funny people out there. Yes, YOU!

7. Stand up comedy by Anjelah Johnson, Russel Peters, Demetri Martin and Whitney Cummings. Every single time!

8. Twitter. People can be very funny in 140 characters or less. Like @Queen_UK.

9. On Tuesday Little J woke up in the middle of the night, called me, spend ten minutes telling me about his bad dream then told me to fetch him some batteries. And went right back to sleep. The nightmares were not funny, but asking for batteries made me laugh.

10. Reading Bossy pants. Tina Fey rocks.

Scavenger hunt

Time for this weeks scavenger hunt:


1. Walking Empty Street

2. Repeating Patterns

3. Floor 

4. Then and Now

5. Fingertips


1. Walking Empty Street

My town’s high street, today. Under construction.

2. Repeating Patterns

At the local farm.

3. Floor 

My floor all day, every day. It’s a maze of toys.

4. Then and Now

My dog, feeling the heat.

A minute later, hosed down.

5. Fingertips

I set up the blocks for a pattern shot.

But my son’s little fingers kept getting in the way.

These two shots are SOOC.

My funny friend

This morning, like every morning, Little J came to my bed for some sundaying.

In case you are unsure what sundaying is click HERE. No need to repeat my self, right? Anyhow, I was requested to play house with him. Which is essentially sitting under the duvet, pretending to do what we could be doing in real life instead of praying for oxygen stuck under bedding. So there we are, gasping for air when all of a sudden there is a knock on the door. The pretend one, luckily. My son answers it and tells me his friend has come for a sleepover.

I was intrigued. Naturally I asked him if his mom knows he is staying with us ‘tonight’, in our pretend house at eight o’clock in the morning. My son tells me I can talk to her when she comes in for a cup of coffee. So just like that I got a pretend friend too.

Here is what I managed to find out about Little J’s imaginary friend. His name is Simmy Sim, he is a little older, maybe four or maybe a hundred. His hair is black and his eyes are orange. He is very nice and likes to play with Legos. He has a dog too, but no horse. His dog is small and likes to bite people, so he is not allowed to take him for a walk. They have been friends since last week but they don’t go to the same school.

Little J then took him downstairs to play construction and I have not seen or heard from him since.

But apparently while I was taking a shower Simmy Sim helped my son pull out over a hundred Q-Tips and arrange them into a neat little constellation on Daddy’s side of the bed. I must bring it up to his mom next time she comes over for coffee. She will love that.

Taken with my old, shabby phone.