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Gone camping, back soon

All four of us think we like camping. That is why we are going to live in a tent this weekend.

Well not all of us. One will stay outside. As per plan. Subject to change.

We are all very excited. It is our first camping trip together. Two of us have done it in the past, back when we were young. So young, it would have been illegal for us to date. So none of us have shared a tent before. One of us claims to be great at this, one of us knows to be great at it. One of us has imagined camping more then the others did it in real life. One of us has a tippee in the room, making one an expert.

Two of us went out to buy a new tent. One of us has not even seen it. One of us suggested we put up a new tent in the back garden. One of us thought it was a brilliant idea and one of us said it was nonsense. One of us slept through this whole discussion.

Two out of three new sleeping bags can be zipped up together. One cannot. Coincidence?

Our camping destination is a short drive away. Coincidence?

All four of us think we are tough. One of us takes a 3 minute shower, one of us takes a very long shower, one of us practically lives in a shower. One of us never showers. One of us has never gone to sleep without brushing teeth. Make that two of us. One of us has never brushed ones teeth. One of us will have a hard time without espresso machine. Make that two of us. Three of us can fix ourselves something to eat, one of us can hunt something down. Or so they claim.

Two of us love the outdoors. Make that a possible three. One claims to, but the other three know better and can prove it.

One has a collection of designer Italian shoes. Same one is planning on bringing a pair camping. Two have a collection of rubber boots. One has never worn any footwear, although one sniffed a bum of a fellow male wearing a pair of water shoes on the beach ( all four of us saw it and wondered). Two of us have new hiking boots. One of us wants them, but hates shopping. So the hiking boots count remains two.

One of us has issues with sand on their toes. Any dirt actually. One of us has issues with public bathrooms. One of us needs a lot of  fresh water. One of us does not like swimming. Make that two. And one of us is again not ready for swimsuit season. But plans on changing that next year. Magically.

One of us will pack enough gadgets to keep one busy. One of us will pack enough toys to keep one busy. One of us will pack enough survival items to keep us all alive for months. One of us travels very light. None of us want to carry all this to the campsite.

One of us believes this is a beginning of a wonderful family tradition, one of us hopes, one of us is not so sure. One of us camps out every night anyway.

All of us have been looking forward to this vacation. Wish us luck. Do you think we can make it?!


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